Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to a specific symbol? Perhaps a butterfly, heart, or star? 

Discovering the meaning behind your favorite symbols can help you use their power to define your passions, create change, and inspire transformation.

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“It is a constant reminder to be a "heartfelt leader." A leader that truly cares and will inspire others to do their own personal best.”

Deborah Bateman | The Heart

“Hummingbirds are fierce. They are a beautiful blend of all these things with ease, harmonizing fierceness, the warrior aspect of self, and this soft gentleness of beauty.”

Laura Juarez | Hummingbird Wing

“The Key ties directly to our motto at Frontdoors Magazine: Your Key to the Community, and ties to our mission to share stories that are informational and inspirational.”

Andrea Evans | The Key

“I want to make an impact worldwide by supporting and lifting women up. As women, we impact the world in special ways even if we don't realize it.”

Linda Rendleman | The World

"What really defines my life is my faith. I have worked with hundreds of young women who are victims of trafficking, and every single one of them has told me the reason they survived was because of God. So their relationship with God is so precious and important and I can absolutely relate to that."

– Skye Steele | The Cross

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